The Most Annoying Things About Working on St. Patrick's Day

St Patrick's Day at work

Ah, St. Patrick's Day! That time of year when everything turns green, and we all embrace our inner leprechaun. But for those of us who have to work on this holiday, it can be a real pain in the shamrock.

Here are the most annoying things about working on St. Patrick's Day, along with some tips on how to deal with them:

The Overzealous Co-worker

We all have that one colleague who takes St. Patrick's Day a little too seriously. They'll come to work decked out head to toe in green, handing out clover-shaped cookies, and insisting that everyone wear a shamrock pin. While it's great to be festive, this type of behavior can be annoying, especially if you're not in the mood to celebrate.

Tip: If you're not into the holiday spirit, try to politely decline their offerings and explain that you have work to do. If they persist, you can always use the "I'm allergic to clovers" excuse.

According to a survey conducted by the National Retail Federation, 61% of Americans celebrate St. Patrick's Day, with spending reaching $6.85 billion in 2023. So, it's no surprise that some people take the holiday seriously.

The Drunken Revelers

Let's be real, St. Patrick's Day is synonymous with drinking. While it's perfectly fine to indulge in a pint or two after work, it can be frustrating when your colleagues start drinking on the job.

Tip: If you're uncomfortable with the drinking, try to remove yourself from the situation. Take a break and work from a different location or focus on your work and ignore the revelry.

According to WalletHub, St. Patrick's Day is the third most popular drinking holiday in the US, with 13 million pints of Guinness being consumed worldwide (!!!).

The Endless Irish Jokes

You know the ones: "Why do leprechauns laugh when they run? Because the grass tickles their balls!" Okay, that one might have made you chuckle, but hearing the same jokes over and over can get old pretty quickly.

Tip: Politely chuckle and then redirect the conversation back to work-related topics. If the jokes persist, you can always try to change the subject entirely.

The Crowded Commute

If you live in a city with a St. Patrick's Day parade or event, the commute to work can be a nightmare. Trying to navigate through throngs of green-clad revelers can be frustrating and time-consuming.

Tip: Plan ahead and give yourself extra time to get to work. If possible, try to avoid the parade route altogether.

While St. Patrick's Day can be a fun and festive holiday, it can also be a real headache for those of us who have to work. By keeping these tips in mind, you can survive the holiday with your sanity (and productivity) intact. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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